Gullybet Deposit

Experience the convenience of seamless transactions with Gullybet’s user-friendly deposit process. Our platform, continuously updated with the latest technology, ensures a smooth and comfortable gaming experience. Our dedicated technical team and customer service staff are always on hand to assist you with any inquiries or issues.

How to Deposit at Gullybet

Follow these simple steps to make a deposit and claim your free first deposit bonus

  1. Log In to Your Account:
    • Visit the Indian Gullybet website and log in to your account.
    • Locate the deposit button at the top of the site and click on it to access the deposit page.
  2. Choose Your Deposit Method:
    • Gullybet offers three convenient deposit methods:
      • UPI
      • Cash
      • Local Bank Transfer
    • Select your preferred deposit method from the displayed options.
  3. Enter Your Deposit Information:
    • Fill in the required deposit information on the third-party payment page.
    • Ensure you remain on the payment page until the “Payment Success” message appears to prevent any errors.
  4. Automatic Wallet Credit:
    • After the payment review by the third-party service, your wallet will be credited automatically by the system.
    • You can contact our online customer service if you encounter any issues or failures during the deposit process.

Why Choose UPI for Deposits?

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is the most trusted online financial service provider in India and is Gullybet’s premier choice for depositing funds. Here’s why

Convenience and Speed

UPI offers seamless transactions, ensuring quick deposits and withdrawals directly to and from your bank account


With multiple layers of encryption, UPI ensures the safety of your data throughout the deposit and withdrawal processes


Safely create and deposit into your casino accounts using your mobile devices, providing ultimate convenience for on-the-go gaming

Enjoy a Seamless Gaming Experience

At Gullybet, we prioritize your gaming comfort and convenience. Our platform allows you to directly top up and withdraw funds through our site, eliminating the need for a notification process and streamlining verification. With a minimum deposit of 500 INR, you can quickly fund your account and start playing.

Diamond Exchange Login Process

To start your online betting journey, all you need to do is, logging to the official website of Diamondexch. Here is how:

step 1

Click Deposit

Access all available deposit methods

step 2

Select Method

Choose from UPI, Cash, or Local Bank Transfer

step 3

Fill Information

Complete the deposit information on the third-party payment page.

step 4


Stay on the page until you see the “Payment Success” message.

step 5

Automatic Credit

Your wallet will be credited automatically after third-party review.

step 6

Customer Support

Contact online customer service if needed.
Join Gullybet today and take advantage of our efficient deposit methods, secure transactions, and the exciting bonuses waiting for you. Enjoy the best in online gaming with Gullybet, where your satisfaction and security are our top priorities.